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5th November 2020

We held our Virtual Away Day in November, where Emily led a bookclub on 'Rebel Ideas' by Matthew Syed which generated a lot of discussion. We also revealed the results of the Attard lab diversity quiz which addressed important issues such as preferred time of day, hot drink, molecule and holiday destination, and reviewed how we organise the lab and our projects. 

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26th March 2020


Following the shutdown of both Italian and British research labs due to COVID-19, our monthly PRIME conference call took place via zoom, ensuring our work continues at this difficult time.

9th March 2020

Our paper entitled "Genome-wide plasma DNA methylation features of metastatic prostate cancer", spearheaded by newly minted Dr Anjui, alongside Paolo and Daniel, both Senior Research Fellows, was published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation (JCI). Our study attracted media attention, with an article in The Times (of London).

Screenshot 2020-04-21 15.51.49.png

3rd March 2020

Larissa, Clinical Research Fellow working on the STRATOSPHERE project, presented data at the EACR-AACR-ASPIC Tumour Microenvironment Conference in Lisbon, Portugal about her work on TILs (tumour infiltrating lymphocytes) in core biopsies from patients recruited to the STAMPEDE trial .

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2020-03-10_UCL prostate in Times.tiff

13-15th February 2020


Emily, Clinical Research Fellow working on the STRATOSPHERE project, represented the Attard Lab at GU ASCO in San Francisco, USA. She attended meetings for the ICECAP and STAMPEDE clinical trials, presented preliminary gene expression data generated in collaboration with Decipher Bio and Marina Parry, Senior Research Fellow on maternity leave, and met fellow trainees at the Trainee and Early Career Networking Lunch.

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