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13th December 2022

We presented all our project updates and future plans to Howard Soule, Prostate Cancer Foundation Chief Scientific Advisor, and David Taglight, John Black Charitable Foundation, at the MRC CTU offices.

After a busy day of presentations, we were joined by the CTU team, as well as Mark Linch's group, for our Christmas Meal at Dim Sum, near Victoria. As is tradition, we pulled crackers and wore the crowns!

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6th December 2022

Anjui, CEO and co-founder of Cansor, was awarded the Early career Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the Cancer Research Horizons Innovation and Entrepreneurship Awards, held at the Royal Society.

What a great end to the year!

27-29th October 2022

Gert, Daniel, Emily, Gianmarco and Anu travelled to Carlsbad, USA, for the PCF's 29th Annual Scientific Retreat. Emily gave a talk during the Young Investigator Day and Anu and Gianmarco presented posters. This was the first in person retreat since the pandemic, 

13th October 2022

Emily passed her viva with flying colours, examined virtually by Rob Bristow, University of Manchester and Nischalan Pillay, UCL, on her thesis entitled "Biomarker Development for Advanced Prostate Cancer". Huge congratulations Emily!

11th September 2022

It was a STAMPEDE double bill which kicked off the ESMO Congress prostate proffered paper session in Paris, with Gert presenting the latest outcome data for metastatic patients treated with either ADT, ADT and abiraterone or ADT and abiraterone and enzalutamide.

Marina then presented the results of associations of transcriptome-based gene expression signatures with outcome for almost 800 patients treated with either ADT or ADT and abiraterone.

This was followed by a discussion led by Elena Castro, IBIMA, and Karim Fizazi, Gustave Roussy.

Gert, Emily and Marina also joined the STAMPEDE investigator meeting and took in the rest of the Congress in sunny Paris.

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2nd August 2022

Gert was awarded the prestigious Agilent Thought Leader Award, for his work using cutting-edge liquid biopsy technology to identify biomarkers to monitor response to drugs and cancer progression in patients with advanced prostate cancer.

The award consists of financial and technical support, as well as instrumentation and reagents to support our research. The team is very proud of Gert.

You can read more here and here

20th July 2022

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We were joined by a new 'team member', in the form of a GeoMx instrument from Nanostring.

Charles will be using it to understand the spatial distribution of cell populations in STAMPEDE and Trombone.

The instrument will be shared with the rest of the Cancer Institute, and housed in our lab.

20th June 2022

Gianmarco was awarded a Medical Research Council Clinical Research Training Fellowship to pursue his PhD in the group. We're very pleased he will be extending his time with the group!

June-July 2022

Osvaldas has spent two months in Trento, in Francesca Demichelis' lab, to further his knowledge of the PCF-SELECT bioinformatic processing pipeline, which he is using to analyse liquid biopsy samples from the lab.

He got to enjoy 'Mozzarella Day"!


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25th May 2022

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Blanca and Osvaldas attended the EACR Liquid Biopsies meeting in Bergamo, Italy, and presented their work entitled "High-sensitivity tracking of copy number alterations and single nucleotide variants in sequential plasma DNA collections from metastatic prostate cancer (mPC) patients".

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