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Group alumni

Cinzia Conteduca (2014-2017)

Dr Vincenza Conteduca was a Clinical Research Fellow.


She obtained her medical degree in 2006 and completed her medical oncology training in 2011 in Italy. she got her Ph.D. in in 2013 and became a Medical Oncology Consultant specialized in the treatment of advanced urological tumors at Istituto Scientifico Romagnolo per lo Studio e la Cura dei Tumori (I.R.S.T.) in Meldola, Italy.

Mariana Buongermino Pereira (2017-2019)

Dr Mariana Buongermino Pereira was a biostatistician/bioinformatican working on processing and analysing DNA sequence data. 


She completed her PhD at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. 

Mariana took up a position at Genomics England in April 2019.

Alex Landless (2017-2019)

Mr Alex Landless was a Research Assistant processing and logging blood samples sent as part of the STAMPEDE clinical trial as well as supporting projects in the lab. 


He obtained his BSc from the University of Bristol and started an MSc (Physician Associate Studies) in January 2020 at Queen Mary University, London. 

Paolo Cremaschi (2016-2020)

Dr Paolo Cremaschi was a Senior Research Fellow in charge of the bioinformatic analysis of next generation sequencing and microarray data produced by the team's research activities. 


He completed his Master's degree in 1996. working as an IT consultant for 15 years. In 2015 obtained his PhD from the Italian National Research Council - in Pavia.

Kamila Sychowska (2019-2021)

Miss Kamila Sychowska was a Research Assistant part of the ReIMAGINE trial and her responsibilities primarily revolve around sample collection and processing.


She completed her BSc and MSc in Chemistry at the University of Gdansk in 2015.

Tony Ibrahim (2021)

Dr Tony Ibrahim was a Medical Oncologist working as a clinical research fellow working between the Attard Lab and Gustave Roussy Cancer campus, France. 

He completed his Medical Degree in 2012 in Beirut, Lebanon and a four-year haematology-oncology fellowship there, followed by a two-year Medical Oncology Fellowship at Gustave Roussy, France. He also obtained a Master’s degree in Beirut and a postgraduate European cancer research diploma in Paris, France.

Marina Parry (2017-2023)

Dr Marina Parry was a Senior Research Fellow and her aim was to use transcriptome-wide gene expression classifiers in association with clinical outcomes to identify prognostic biomarkers in advanced prostate cancer.

Prior to that, she was a postdoc at the CRUK Manchester Institute (2014-2017) and at the University of Southampton (2012-2014).

She can be found on Twitter @marina_parry.

Francesco Pierantoni (2019)

Dr Francesco Pierantoni was a clinical research fellow working at Istituto Oncologico Veneto (Padova, Italy). He is part of the Italian PRIME group, and joined the UK team between June and November 2019 on the PRIME clinical fellows exchange program.


He completed his medical degree in 2014 at the University of Padova, Italy, and he is currently training as a Medical Oncologist at the same institution.

Mohini Kalyan (2019-2020)

Miss Mohini Kalyan was a senior Research Assistant working on the PARADIGM clinical trial.


She obtained a BA from the University of Cambridge and completed her MSc at Imperial College London.

She started a position at Imperial College London working on a Covid-19 vaccine in September 2020.

Stefano Pirrò (2019-2021)

Dr. Stefano Pirrò was a Research Fellow in Bioinformatics  working on the analysis and interpretation of DNA methylation data of prostate cancer cells


He completed his Master’s Degree in 2012 and PhD in 2017 at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”. In 2017, he joined the Barts Cancer Institute, London, as a Postdoctoral Research Assistant. 

Wout Devlies (2021-2022)

Dr. Wout Devlies was a visiting researcher from KU Leuven. He started his PhD in 2019  in prostate cancer heterogeneity, androgen receptor targeting, biomarker development and personalized care.

Maria Ruiz Vico(2019-2022)

Dr Maria Ruiz Vico was a Medical Oncologist who was awarded a SEOM (Spanish Society of Medical Oncology) grant for translational research training in Sept 2018 and is working on plasma DNA analysis in advanced prostate cancer. 


She completed her Medical Degree in 2012 at the University of Granada, Spain, and her Medical Oncology training in 2018 in Malaga, Spain.

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